Why Do My Kids Hate Me

I don’t understand why my kids hate me. I’m really trying to figure it out, but I’m pretty sure it’s because of their Mom (she hates me). I started a checklist to see what’s the matter.

  1. I’m always late with pay child support so the kids can’t be in sports or other activities.
  2. I never pay the full amount of child support because I have bills to pay and a social life, I’m pretty sure my paying less doesn’t impact my kids.(Why do they keep asking me about stuff?)
  3. I always complain to my kids about child support. (They should know the court ripped me off.)
  4. I always complain to my kids about their mother.
  5. I use my kids as my personal messenger to deliver my message to their mother.
  6. I ask my kids what their Mom has recently bought for the house or about her new partner. (I’m just curious- that’s not making them my spies)
  7. Baseball games, school plays, parent-teacher nights interfere with my plans besides I might see their mother and I hate her. (Sitting in the same stadium is not far enough away for me.)
  8. It’s the playoffs or world series, that only happens once a year and I have a bet in the game. I can see the kids next week or next month. I don’t want to watch the game on my DVR. They understand how much I love sports.
  9. I am not going to a kids movie or event, that’s just not my thing.
  10. This is a really important text- the kids don’t mind if I’m not “present.”
  11. A conversation at dinner- what would we talk about?
  12. This new 75 inch TV is really for them.

Why do my kids hate me? It’s can’t be anything I’m doing.

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