Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus; just click the ruby slippers together 3 times and say “there’s no place like home” and you’ll go back home;  and the Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy. Although Rhett told Scarlett that he didn’t give a damn about her, did she go to her bed-NO- she wiped away her tears and claimed, “Tomorrow is another day!” They all believed.

It’s time for you to believe that there is life after divorce. Don’t sit at home and mope and dream about the perfect marriage you had (really, you do know that was only a dream or you would not be divorced) and that your  EX was your true soulmate (seriously….soulmate##%#&&% ). Get out of the house- join a Meet-Up group or start your own Meet-Up group.  Check the local paper or church bulletin for volunteer opportunities. Start a neighborhood book club, or poker club or pick-up basketball game. Visit friends and family.  Go out for drinks after work.  Join a park district class. It’s easier to get a theater seat for 1 than 2 (Yes, I do go to the movies by myself and I don’t have to share the popcorn). Start online dating!! Join a health club (try a free 1 week membership).

If you have kids, spend more time with them but remember they are not a substitute for your life. Get a babysitter and go out with friends. Let the kids go to an overnight at their friend’s home or let them stay with Grandma- she will love you for it.

Take back your life a step at a time. Divorce drags you down and makes you feel awful about yourself. Don’t look at yourself through your EX’s eyes (fun house mirror reflection-bah!) but through your own eyes. The future is bright and it’s waiting for you to discover it so BELIEVE!

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