Affordable Vacation

Embassy Suites is the best vacation for kids of all ages. It’s cost effective for the parent because you can limit your stay to one night. First off you get drinks for free during happy hour and your kids get soda for free while you all lounge in a lobby filled with palm trees. Then it’s  a ride up in the glass elevator to your suite where there is a frig and microwave for snacks and drinks you brought from home. (FYI-no bedtime lights out rules tonight…it’s vacation)

Next, it’s down to the pool for the kids and the hot tub for you. Relaxing!!! Dinner out- hamburgers or more upscale dining. Perhaps a movie or bowling and then it’s back to the hotel where the kids can watch TV or jump on the bed or go back in the pool.

Pick an Embassy Suites near your home so that you know the places to eat (location and cost) and to be entertained. It’s one night but it’s a weekend of fun for the kids.

Looking for more affordable? A tent in the backyard is an adventure or a hike in the Shenandoah mountains. Watch out for bears(lol).

Looking for even more affordable? Eat at home, let the kids pick a pay per view movie or put in a disc, get the popcorn popping and the let them choose where to go for dessert and let them choose a special dessert. This is a great way for all of you to enjoy each other and have fun.

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