Order of Protection

This is the third beating this month but he always says he’s sorry. I know he means it when he says sorry and I know he had a horrible childhood. He told me his dad used to beat up his mom and him.

When he’s not drinking he’s the greatest husband and father. If his boss wasn’t such a jerk, I know my husband wouldn’t drink so much. I know if I was a better wife and the kids picked up their toys he wouldn’t get so mad.

This is the fourth time this month he beat me and now he is beating the kids. I know he doesn’t mean it. He loves us.

I’m pretty sure we’ll survive the beatings. Besides, what can I do?

Mom Knows Best

I am a single Mom raising 3 kids on my own with no help from that jerk I was previously married to. I know now why he is referred to as my X because I have X’d him out of my life.

I’ve told the kids all about him since they are too young to see how horrible he was as a husband. I believe kids are entitled to the truth no matter how ugly it is. They need to know that the court screwed me on child support because the court favors fathers. When the kids ask me why we can’t do something, I remind them of all their father’s faults and how he doesn’t pay me enough money to raise them properly. I tell them that if he really loved them he would pay me more money so I could take care of them. Sure they cry but it’s better they know the truth.

I don’t always have them home when he comes to get them for his visitation. I have a life you know and besides, kids need their Mom more than their Dad. He complains, but seriously, does he think I care? I tell him to send more money and maybe I’ll be home more often.

The other day the kids told me how much they love their Dad and they don’t like it when I say bad things about him. Kids! What do they know?